Truck Performance Highlights

Truck Performance Highlights

When we’re talking about truck performance, all eyes are on #torque. Torque ratings are among the most important factors when calculating #towingcapacity and #PayloadHauling ability. They tell us a lot about how the truck will perform at low speeds.

Truck buyers that plan to tow gooseneck trailers or haul heavy materials will need to consider a truck’s abilities for jobs like pulling a trailer from a full stop. So, a diesel-powered engine should be your first candidate if lots of power is needed.

With #DieselEngines, you’re getting more torque, so it provides more pounds of #towingcapacity compared to similar size #GasEngine.

More importantly, as diesel engines have a more efficient fuel-burning process and can gain high torque output at lower RPMs, they have more power for towing heavy objects and perform long life.

The bottom line, engine design means money-saving in the form of longevity, less maintenance, and better overall fuel economy.