6 Tips for Buying a Diesel Vehicle

Here are some key factors to look at when looking into buying a #UsedDieselVehicle:
1️⃣ Look at Exhaust
Look at the exhaust to see if there is an excessive build-up of soot on the vehicle. If so, then there is a problem with the engine combustion or in the exhaust itself.
2️⃣ Look into the Oil
Take a look at the #dipstick and see what color the oil is. If you notice a little bit of white or a milky substance on the stick, then you will want to keep walking to another vehicle.
3️⃣ Try to Start the Car
Try #StartingtheVehicle from a cold start to see how it cranks over. If it takes a long time, then there are problems with some of the glow plugs in the head. These can be replaced, but are expensive to do so.
4️⃣ Look at Radiator
The fluid inside the #radiator should be clean and without a lot of gunk in it.
5️⃣ Exhaust Smoke
A light black color coming from the exhaust is good, but if it is too thick, or has a white color, then there is a problem within the engine.
6️⃣ General Handling
Take the used diesel out for a #TestDrive to see how it handles.